Terms and Conditions

Flamingo Land private Caravan hire ★ 2021 Season

Strictly NO SMOKING - NO PETS* - NO illegal drugs ( Bond will be kept if rule broken )

£100 Deposit/booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE should you choose to cancel for any reason

A73 Willow  Grove - A74 Willow  Grove - A100 Willow  Grove



Payment in full for the holiday home must be received by us no later than 8 Weeks Prior to the START date of YOUR holiday booking and Failure to comply with this condition will result in a loss of your deposit and the cancellation of your booking. A reminder will not be sent. Cancellations or change of dates must be notified at least 28 days before arrival in writing (email), enclosing your confirmation receipt. Any holiday cancelled with less than 28 days before arrival will result in your holiday, your deposit and any payments being forfeited.


The deposit is a booking fee, which will be forfeited if a booking is cancelled or dates changed. Under no circumstances will the deposit/booking fee be refunded. If you need to change holiday dates we may be able to do this at our discretion and subject to availability. Please tell us at the earliest opportunity if you need to change your holiday date as we may not have your new dates available. If we have no availability for your new date and you choose to cancel you would lose your £100 booking fee which is non refundable. You still have the option to keep your original booking dates. A deposit/booking fee refund will not be given.


 By paying "US" your deposit "YOU" are confirming that you accept all our Terms and Conditions. 2021


Unlimited Park Access Passes are NOT included in our prices and should be purchased on the day of your arrival at Flamingo Land Reception

The person signing the booking form is responsible for the entire party and their behaviour, also for any damage costs, under 18 must not be left in the caravan unsupervised. Leader of the party must be at least 25 years of age.


Entry to the caravan is by key which is in the key safe, the code will be given to you on the day of your arrival. Caravan is available from 4pm on day of arrival, but you can arrive earlier and spend time in the park until the caravan is ready.

Only guests named on the booking form are allowed access into the resort and Only the applicants listed on the reservation form shall be entitled to occupy the allocated accommodation. (no more than 6 guests, 4 adults maximum). If during a random check there is found to be more than 6 people staying in the caravan the whole party will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Pets are NOT allowed in our Caravans with the exception of (A73* Willow Grove) which will be Pet friendly and we will accept a pet at our discretion from March 2021 season. (A74 and A100 Willow grove) are strictly NO PETS)

We do not have wheelchair access and our caravan is not suitable for wheelchair users. We only have standard doors and we have no ramp access.

Vacation of the Caravan is by 10am on the day of departure. This is so we can ensure the caravan is clean and ready for the next guests. (But you are allowed to stay in the park until it closes)  


Any breakages should be reported to us without delay and cost of replacement where appropriate may be deducted from the rental bond. If Bond is insufficient to cover any damages, further payment will be expected to cover all the cost of any repairs. Please leave the caravan in a clean undamaged condition. (Empty bins and dispose of your rubbish)

Rental bonds are refundable by Cheque made payable to the person who booked the holiday. The Bond is returned within 7 days after inspection of the caravan, providing there is No damage, Nothing broken, No smoking, No pets* and the caravan is left Clean and Tidy and Nothing missing from the caravan. Please cash your cheque within 28 days or it will expire.Please ensure you have given us Your CORRECT (NAME) and CORRECT (ADDRESS) when you book your holiday. If you lose your cheque or give us the wrong name or address or wait longer than 28 days please contact us and we will reissue any uncashed cheque. Before we re-issue a new cheque we need to cancel the old cheque. Bank charges and admin for a cancelled cheque are £20, therefore any re-issued cheque will be minus £20 to cover any charges. If there is any damages or any losses you will be informed prior to us returning your bond and the Rental Bond will be retained in full or in part by us.


Caravan Door keys MUST NOT be taken off Flamingo Land resort

To avoid lost keys we provide a key safe so you don’t need to carry the keys around with you. All keys should be left in our key safe when your stay ends. Failure to leave the keys after your stay or lost keys will result in the loss of your bond as we will need to replace the locks.


We CLEAN and CHECK for DAMAGES and MISSING items between EVERY booking


Information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As per our terms and Conditions Deposit/booking fee is not refundable. The reason for this is that we have costs when we take the booking. In normal circumstances we never refund booking charges. However due to the exceptional circumstances we all find ourselves in we have decided nobody will lose out. Therefore, should the park close or have restrictions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will hold any deposit/booking fee as a credit and you can use this credit to use at a later date against any available holiday you wish to book with us again right up to 01 October 2022.

Flamingo Land Resort own Terms and Conditions

All caravans on Flamingo land are subject to a sublet licence and subject to a Maximum 6 persons per caravan. A 7th person is allowed at the owner's discretion but they must be age 2 or Under. Only the applicants listed on the reservation form shall be entitled to occupy the allocated accommodation. Due to the nature of the park we only accept family-based parties (parents and children), we do not accept youth groups or same-sex parties, and the head of the group must be aged 25 or over.


 By paying "US" your deposit "YOU" are confirming that you accept all our Terms and Conditions 2021


Flamingo Caravan reserve the right to alter these 2021 Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

A73* Willow Grove - A74 Willow Grove - A100 Willow Grove

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